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Over the next several months, Cascade FCU will be upgrading our digital tools to provide our members with even more resources to take care of business from home, when they're on the go, or from wherever they want.

Cascade FCU debit and credit cards are now enabled on Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay!

Learn how to add your cards: 

We will soon provide videos and tips for using your digital wallet at checkout, both in-person and online. Stay tuned!

Sometime midfall we will be launching a new website. The new site will allow you to access online banking as easily as you can now. Plus it will allow us to better highlight our products and services to current and potential members.

In early 2022, we will launch an upgraded online and mobile banking experience. The upgrade will come with additional tools such as Zelle (real-time person-to-person payments) and enhanced budgeting tools.